Gabriele Fanelli

I’m 26 years old and I live in Apulia, in the south of Italy. I’m very attached to this region indeed my attitude and my mood in general is deeply influenced by my homeland. The sea, the sun, the wind and the whole nature inspire me a lot. I’m emotionally connected to them.

I’m a management engineer, I have a lot of hobbies and interests but I’m very keen on photography and fashion. I have always loved taking photos and caring about looks. A way to express these passions is Instagram.  It all begun in 2012 when I created a profile on Instagram and I started to post my photos. The web seemed to like them and so I decided to turn my page in a profile like a personal blog.

I love sport and also travelling and discovering new places full of life where I can get lost. My goal is to express energy and desire to live in my photos. I hate homologation, I want to be original and have polished style. I love elegance and one of my signature in my photos and looks is the care of details. I’m always up to date with new trends preserving and valuing my identity.

I think small details are really important because small things can make big things happen in life.

My motto is: “Life is full of Details”.